Klintebjerg Harbor is a small port on the north Funen side of Odense Fjord.

Here is a fantastic view of Odense fjord and Vigelsø, the largest island in the fjord. If you are not sailing yourself, you can get to the island with the small boat ‘Lunden’ which leaves from Klintebjerg harbor. The trip takes 5 minutes and is usually booked in advance. The nature around both the harbor and Vigelsø is varied and the area is well frequented by kayaks, cyclists and sailors alike.

Klintebjerg Havn was previously the shipping port for Odense’s many factories before the canal towards Odense was dug. However, it was not until 1843 that the city’s development really started with the construction of a large warehouse on the harbor, a chicory, lime mill, saltworks, skull mill, vinegar brewery, sawmill and customs office. In time, however, Klintebjerg lost its importance, and the downturn of the harbor really took off in 1921, when the sailing route to Odense was extended to 7.5 meters depth. The warehouse that was previously on the port burned down in 1967 and was never rebuilt.

The fjord’s largest island, Vigelsø is a unique natural gem with a rich bird and nature life. In 1990, the Danish state formally took over Vigelsø and the then government carried out a large nature restoration project on the island, which until then had been used for intensive crop cultivation since 1873. Today the island is planted with trees and plants, all of which have been in Denmark. since the Stone Age, and the island houses a nature school and has a rich bird life. There is a small ferry, “Lunden” sailing to the island during the summer season, the ferry can also be booked as needed if you are part of a larger group of people.

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