Order compliance in Klintebjerg Bådelaugs harbor

The harbor area is limited by existing bridges, to the east and angular bridges to the west with boat seats.
For the area under the harbor, the Ministry has today under the Act of 30 January 1875 on the drafting of regulations for the use of the harbor, etc., the following regulations are confirmed.

Rules for sailing:
For sailing within the port area, the rules laid down by the Danish Maritime Authority at all times apply for sailing etc. in certain Danish waters; Presently, Executive Order No. 554 of June 21, 2000, with the following additions:

Sailing within the port area:
Must be done at such a slow speed that no harm will be caused to others.

Mooring and anchoring in the entrance is forbidden!

Be maneuvered so that there is no risk of damaging the port facility and moored boats!

Provisions of the order:
For compliance, they apply the Coastal Inspectorate’s “Order on standard rules for compliance with order in Danish marinas and smaller fishing ports”, applicable from 15 April 2002, with the following additions:
Ship repair, installation, etc.:

Major repairs and maintenance must be done before the boat is launched.

In the course of carrying out a ship’s repair and maintenance, the work must otherwise be carried out in such a way that third parties and the surroundings – in the opinion of the port authority – are not bothered and the area of ​​the port is not polluted.

Grinding and painting work is prohibited at the harbor bridges.

The vessel owner is responsible for any damage (including property damage, personal injury and consequential damage) caused by errors, neglect or irresponsibility displayed by the vessel owner or other crew members.

Playground for guests:
There are no places for guest boats in the harbor. Any guests will be referred by the board or its representative to the outside of the bridge.
The price for overnight stay in the Klintbjerg harbor is DKK 100, including electricity and water.
For members who have a boat in another port:
Then they have the right to stay 5 days free, per night. season.
Then the price is DKK 100 per. accommodation including electricity and water.
Members with a boat located in the harbor of Klintebjerg are allowed to lie outside on the bridge as long as they stay in the boat.

Refer to the parking lot, price per person. overnight stay 100 kr.

All boats using the port are obliged to use moorings which are adapted to the size of the boat and in any case keep the boat within the designated space. No moorings must be Ø less than 10 mm.

The boats must be fitted with fenders on both sides and to the extent necessary to prevent them from drying together. When sailing boats are in the harbor, falls and the like must be secured so that they do not clap against the mast.

Filling of fuel:
Precautions must be observed to protect against ignition which may cause fire on board or the bridge.

Storage of depots of motor fuel and lubricating oil:
In the area of ​​the port is prohibited and otherwise the provisions of the fire authority apply.

Disposal of waste:
In the harbor basin or port area is prohibited.

Extraction of oily water:
In the port pool is prohibited.

Use of the marine toilet:
Not allowed in the harbor basin.

Bathing in the Port Basin:
Is forbidden.

All bike and moped driving:
Is banned on the bridge.

Only allowed for loading and unloading.

In the turnaround, from ¼- to 1/10, loading and unloading is prohibited. Parking is referred to the parking lot.

Children’s play:
On the bridge is allowed only with an adult.

The electric game:
May only be served by the board.

Prohibited from the bridges.

Revised April 1, 2020
Klintebjerg Boat Boat
Board of Directors